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A smiling boy in a wheelchair participating in a classroom activity, surrounded by peers and educational materials.

Closing Gaps, Unleashing Potential 

Learning for Every Learner

A smiling boy using a paintbrush to create colorful artwork on a canvas, visibly enjoying the creative process.

At Equity in Learning, we are not just a distinguished woman-owned business; we are champions of change in the realm of education. 

 In a world where every student deserves an equal opportunity to thrive, we stand committed to advancing equitable education practices. Our journey is defined by a singular charge - to support schools and districts in crafting inclusive and effective learning environments.

As we navigate the complex landscape of education, our focus remains unwavering: fostering success for all students. Welcome to Equity in Learning, where we translate commitment into action, one classroom at a time, equaling one school at a time.

A group of girls seated at desks in a classroom, focused on writing assignments and interacting with educational materials.

What Sets Us Apart

  • Strategic reports based on findings with trans-formative recommendations.

  • Thorough analysis coupled with evidence-based strategies addressing performance for all subgroups.

  • Tailored solutions designed to bring about lasting and positive change.

  • Equity in Learning stands out as a beacon of precision and impact in the pursuit of educational equity.

Kids running joyfully outside on a sunny day, with grass underfoot and bright sky overhead.
A girl writing on a classroom whiteboard, concentrating on her task while her classmates watch and learn from their seats.
Smiling children engaged in a tug of war on a grassy field, demonstrating teamwork and joy as they pull on the rope.
A focused girl performing a science experiment, carefully measuring solutions in beakers at a school laboratory.
  • Holistic and data-driven approaches.

  • Focus on advancing equitable education.

  •  Comprehensive special education reviews.

  • Specific to special education identifies disparities.

Conducting targeted reviews for schools designated as Comprehensive Support and Improvement (CSI), Additional Targeted Support Improvement (ATSI), and Targeted Support and Improvement schools (TSI), addressing both subgroup performance and non-designated subgroup performance.

Special Education Comprehensive Reviews

Supporting schools and district teams in implementing continuous improvement strategies that enhance overall effectiveness, thereby fostering improved learning outcomes for all students.

The Continuous Improvement Process

Providing coaching services to enhance leadership skills, available both onsite and virtually.

Leadership Coaching and Development
(Onsite and Virtual)

Evaluating and optimizing resource allocation to ensure equitable spending across educational initiatives.

Resource Allocation Review and Equitable Spending

Guiding school leaders in implementing proven strategies to facilitate positive turnaround outcomes for schools facing challenges. 

Evidence-Based Turnaround Strategies

Assisting in the creation of effective school improvement and strategic plans to guide educational success. 

Support with the Development of School Improvement and Strategic Plans

Our Services


I am thrilled to share my experience working with Dr. Linda Massenburg and her tremendous impact on our school's progress toward meeting our state goals. Dr. Massenburg's expertise and dedication have guided us through various challenges and helped us achieve significant gains across multiple focus areas. One of the critical areas where Dr. Massenburg has made a profound difference is implementing the Multi-Tiered System of Supports (MTSS). With her guidance, we were able to streamline our intervention processes, ensuring that every student receives the support they need to succeed academically and behaviorally. Her insights into effective MTSS frameworks have enabled us to personalize interventions and monitor progress more effectively, leading to improved student outcomes. Additionally, Dr. Massenburg has been invaluable in supporting our special education programs. Her deep understanding of best practices in special education has empowered our teachers better to meet the diverse needs of students with disabilities. Through her guidance, we have enhanced our inclusion practices, providing students with disabilities meaningful access to the general education curriculum while receiving the necessary support and accommodations. Dr. Massenburg's leadership and emphasis on teachers' collective efficacy have fostered a culture of collaboration and continuous improvement within our school community. She has facilitated numerous professional development sessions to build teacher capacity and promote a shared sense of responsibility for student success. As a result, our educators feel more empowered and supported in their roles, leading to greater effectiveness in the classroom. Moreover, Dr. Massenburg's expertise in data analysis has been instrumental in driving our decision- making processes. She has helped us leverage data to identify areas for improvement, track progress toward our goals, and make informed instructional decisions. Her ability to extract meaningful insights from data has enabled us to target interventions more precisely and allocate resources more effectively. In addition to her direct support, Dr. Massenburg has worked closely with instructional coaches to strengthen their capacity to support teachers in implementing evidence-based practices. She has helped our instructional coaches refine their skills and strategies through coaching and mentorship, ultimately enhancing their ability to support teacher growth and development. Furthermore, Dr. Massenburg has played a crucial role in aligning our goals and initiatives to ensure coherence and maximize impact. Her guidance has helped us prioritize our efforts and allocate resources strategically, resulting in a more unified and focused approach to school improvement.

- Ms. LaChonna L. Avery
Assistant Principal of Academics and International Baccalaureate Career-Related

Dr. Massenburg played a pivotal role in my professional growth as an instructional coach. She guided me in discerning the most pertinent and effective data and posing essential questions that fueled advancements in student achievement in math. Her expertise extended to identifying evidence-based strategies that significantly propelled academic progress. What truly stood out was the creation of a coaching cycle characterized by continuous monitoring, evaluation, and timely feedback sessions. These conversations not only provided valuable information but also generated innovative ideas essential for propelling our school to the next level. For the first time, our school achieved double-digit gains not only in math but across various content areas. Dr. Massenburg instilled in us a capacity for the continuous improvement process, ensuring that momentum was sustained even after her departure from the district. I am grateful for the invaluable support and guidance she provided throughout this transformative period.

- Louise Singleton 
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